Saturday, April 14, 2012

springtime florals at nordstrom

While window shopping a few days ago, I fell in love with Nordstrom's window display. The window combined florals, pastels, and even butterflies to illustrate spring's hottest trends.

Dress #1, Dress #2, Dress #3
The Lela Rose dresses above are ethereal and sweet. I can easily see a young girl frolicking through a meadow during the 18th Century in the first dress (the one lounging on the floor). However, the others are slightly more sophisticated and modern. Although I love the image that the first dress evokes, I can't really see myself wearing it. But, I would love to wear the others for Easter or some other spring event. I guess I will have to wait until next year! Hopefully, pastels and floral patterns will still be in style.

The BCBG, Trina Turk, and DVF dresses in this window while not quite ethereal are still trendy, fun, and spring appropriate. I am obsessing over the middle dress in lilac with its fun, geometric lines. The turquoise dress to the left is also super easy and cute. One of my favorite trends this spring is lace (I actually just purchased two lace items at Urban Outfitters today), and these dresses are all fall under that category. Therefore, I am obsessed with them.


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    I've never been to this store, but the windows are pretty...
    I like the fact they are quite empty
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  3. Love the window display, perfect for spring. Nordstrom is awesome.

  4. I love Nordstrom's window displays. They're always so cool and inspirational. :)

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  7. cute!!!

  8. Such pretty summer dresses! xx

  9. I love that your blog is all about windows! I'm actually taking a class about fashion promotion and we spent a long time talking about windows... we have a project where we have to sketch windows that we see in person. Fifty total!


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