Saturday, April 7, 2012

dreams of louis vuitton

I must admit while walking through the streets of New York, the window displays at my favorite stores lit up the sky more so than the skyscrapers and lights that are rightfully famed. With so many beautiful stores, I really can't pick a favorite. However, Louis Vuitton definitely lit up my NYC world on Saturday night. The windows were expansive and teeming with light. The clothes were fabulous: gorgeous, white, and yellow. Spring was literally embodied within the confinements of Louis Vuitton's windows. Très chic, no? Oh, and how could I forget? It was a merry-go-round of sorts with white horses, obviously. If only I could have ridden a Louis Vuitton merry-go-round as a kid.

Need to get my hands on this gorgeous, yellow-lace coat. Seriously.

I don't believe there is a sweeter or more romantic dress in the world than this one.

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