Sunday, April 8, 2012

follow me, please

I absolutely love blogging and hope that my readers love reading my posts. Unfortunately, I can't simply just start writing and instantly gain thousands of viewers. So, I have turned to social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bloglovin, and Instagram to spread the word about the Window Shopper. For those of you who don't know what any of these are, look at the descriptions below.

Twitter is a social networking site that allows people to tweets (posts/messages).!/windowshopper_

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows members to pin photos and videos to their pinboards.

Tumblr is a blogging site, enabling members to like and reblog others' posts.

Bloglovin is a website to designed to let members follow their favorite blogs all in one place.

Instagram is an app for iPhones and now Droids in which members post pictures.

Follow me, please. The more fans the merrier!

Check this picture out on Instagram.


  1. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    the shoes are my fave,
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!