Sunday, January 13, 2013

diving back into blogging & resort wear

After three weeks of vacation in paradise, I am, as I type, headed back up north to the cold, winter weather. While packing for my trip home, I was shocked and slightly worried by my entirely black and increasingly edgy wardrobe. Growing up by the beach, my style has consisted of bright colors and tropical prints. I have come to realize that one's environment is often a reflection of style. Living in New York City, I have become more prone to wearing deep hues and black.

So, as I head back to my new edgy style, I want to take a look at the resort wear of 2013. My ode to flowers and exciting colors begins with RED Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. Both collections embody feminine, sweet silhouettes and patterns. I can easily picture myself waltzing around a beautiful, island resort in any of the items below, especially in impressionist-inspired prints.

The little black dresses, while reflective of my new style, are still perfect resort wear candidates. They are light and lacy but can be worn in the cold with every girl's winter staple: black tights.

From left to right: RED sandals, Oscar de la Renta blouse & swing skirt, RED Valentino skirt, RED Valentino black dress, Oscar de la Renta dress, RED Valentino dress

Oh, and as a New Year's resolution, I vow to blog more. Apologies for the incredibly long break.

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