Monday, August 20, 2012

how to go back to school

It's that time of the year again. Like I said in a recent post, Target's back-to-school commercials are flooding my TV screen. I decided to take to my blog and show my must-haves for the new year because I don't trust the weird teachers in the Target ads. I don't know-- maybe you do.

Let's begin with the cute necessities: pens, pencils, and planners-- all those sorts of things. I love matching my pencils and pens to my notebooks and erasers. I always go for bright colors; they're more exciting. Click through the list below to find my favorites. Don't miss the coolest USB flash drive disguised as a credit card. Thanks, Rebecca Minkoff. I really, really love you.

Now, onto the bags that will carry you through school. We have the backpack, the pencil pouch, the lunch bag, and the tech accessory cases. This pouch will help you practice your French and keep your pencils safe all at the same time. When choosing cases for my iPad and iPhone, I always turn to Dannijo and Kate Spade. Check out my other favorite bags below.

And, my favorite part begins. Let's talk about fashion. Collared shirts and blazers are the obvious scholastic choice. Who doesn't love adding a collar to a crew-neck? I always kick it in comfy shoes while walking up and down the stairs to classes. Oxfords and Converse are good, alternative choices. For makeup, I keep it quick and simple. I love Bobbi Brown's foundation stick, and these Crayola lip glosses are just too perfect for school. Stick them in your new pencil pouch for fun.


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